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Privacy policy

We will consider protecting personal information as an important matter and strive to protect it.

Collection and aim of personal information
We collect information on those who accessed this service for the following purposes.
  • Access analysis
  • Sign-in process and account management
  • Works and content management
  • Improvement of function and quality of this service
  • Ad serving (ads shown on sites and apps only, not delivered to specific individuals)
Collecting is done by direct recording, or by using third party tools and software.
In addition, we use cookies for the purpose of improving convenience for users.
With this service, you can also enter your email address and password to connect your terminal with your account.
The password stored in this service is encrypted and even the operator can not know the original password.
Protection of personal information
As for personal information gathered by this service, it will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties unless there is consent of that person or there is a request based on legal grounds.
Google Analytics
This service uses Google Analytics as an access analysis tool. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather access information for this service to the extent that it does not identify individuals.
You can check the Google Analytics terms of use and privacy policy from the following URL.
Firebase is used as a usage analysis tool in editor app for iOS.

Google Analytics and Firebase are GDPR compliant.