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Chat Novel Maker

Terms of service

Upon using Chat Novel Maker (hereafter, this service), you need to agree to the following terms of service.
We will assume that you agree to the terms of use if you continue to use it.

This agreement is written in Japanese as orthodox.
Those translated into several other languages are provided for the purpose of improving convenience, and in case there is a difference or misinterpretation in the content with the Japanese version, the Japanese version description is given priority We shall assume.

The terms "we" or "us" or "our" refers to Hakoniwa Soft, the owner of this service and website. Users include those who use this service to create Novell works as well as those who view or read published Novell works.
Those who can agree with this terms of service after understanding this agreement can use this service.
You understand that there are cases where you may contact inappropriate content due to the mechanism by which users can freely post works and messages.
The use of this service is free except for services and contents sold for a fee.
However, users are responsible for network communication expenses related to the use of this service, expenses arising from the use of various terminals, etc.
Works, images, and other contents posted by you shall be used and managed at the responsibility of you.
The copyright of the work belongs to you who is the creator except for the part where the copyright exists or the contents (*).
*:The copyright is not abandoned, or the right has not transferred to you, but it is the content that you are licensed to use.
For publicity of this service, published works may be introduced on other media.
We will contact you beforehand when important matters occur, such as the work itself being made into business.
However, if we can not contact you for more than 7 days, or if you can not find a means to contact you, we may use it without consent.
Prohibited matter
Posts that contain the following content are forbidden.
(In some cases, it may be accepted if it seems reasonable as a part of the whole considering the context and customs.)
  • Contrary to the laws of each country.
  • Address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Personal information and similar information.
  • Invitation to fraud.
  • Criminal acts, notice of crime, and suggestion of crime in the real world.
  • Discrimination, slander, defamation, and other discomforting content for real people and organizations.
  • Pictures or images that contains pornography, abuse, self-harm, violence, injury, murder, grotesque, other general discomfort.
  • Reproduction of sentences, images, lyrics etc. exceeding the citation category.
The following usage is prohibited.
  • Direct link to image file.
Stop or delete the work
In addition to the prohibited items, works corresponding to the following items may be suspended or deleted without prior notice.
  • The right holder pointed out the infringement of the right.
  • Works that have not been renewed for more than 6 months while remaining draft.
  • Works that are content or usage that we consider inappropriate.
With regard to suspension or deletion, the user shall not be able to appeal the objection. And we do not have obligation on reasons or circumstances explanation.
Data will be not restore.
You can not ask us to guarantee that works or postings are legitimate or not subject to prohibitions.
Stop using
In cases where the following actions are accepted, we may delete your account and data without prior notice.
  • Posts and uses corresponding to prohibited items.
  • Actions that reduce the value of this service.
  • Attempting unauthorized access.
  • Any other act that we consider inappropriate.
Users in the following situations may stop using the information without prior notice and delete the data.
  • You have not published the work, you have not accessed for more than 6 months.
  • There is almost no PV to the published work, and you do not have access for more than 6 months.
If you are creating a work, you can unsubscribe from the account deletion menu in the app.
Although the release of all data will be stopped immediately after your withdrawal, there are data that will not be deleted in real time due to reasons on the system. In addition, due to accident prevention or cooperation with various investigation agencies, some data may be preserved.
Advertisements may be displayed within this service.
Please be advised that the content displayed by tapping advertisements and advertisements will be provided by each advertiser.
In the event that this service will stops or ends, we will endeavor to notify you as much as possible beforehand, but we may be required to stop or terminate the service without notice.
Due to technical, artificial, disaster, conflict, or other inequitable problems, data used in the service and data posted by you may be lost.
We do not assume any responsibility even if you suffer damage due to the use of this service.
We pay close attention to the creation and operation of this service. However, we can not guarantee the safety of this service, including no viruses and no unauthorized access by third parties.
Privacy policy
Privacy policy.
Regarding disputes arising in using this service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.
Change of contract
We may add, delete or modify these Terms without prior consent or announcement.
We will notify you on the site if it seems to have a particularly serious impact, but if you continue to use this service after changing this agreement, we will assume that you agree to all the terms and conditions after the change.
The interpretation and application of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
This terms of service is effective from 1 February 2018.
Established February 1, 2018